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Bougainvillea White | 50-60cm | Fresh Plant

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Bougainvillea needs at least 6 hours of full sun a day to flower profusely and look its best. This plant also loves the heat. Not enough sun = not enough color.

If you live where in a climate where bougainvillea is borderline zone hardy (see zones below), then planting it against a warm wall or in a corner against the house will help. Remember, this is one plant that loves sun and heat!


This plant is hardy from USDA zones 9b – 11. It doesn’t like to go below 30 degrees F and definitely not for a prolonged period of time. 1 or 2 random nights around freezing will be okay. 


When it comes to watering, The Bougainvillea plant is a pretty drought tolerant once established. It prefers a good, deep watering every 3-4 weeks rather than frequent shallow watering.

When establishing (in the 1st couple of years), be sure to give your bougainvillea regular water. It’s subject to a few types of root rots so don’t over-water. The soil should be well-drained which will help prevent rot.