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Carissa GrandiFlora Box of 24

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Carissa plant care is a snap when you plant it in the right location. The shrubs need afternoon shade in well-drained soil. Avoid growing Carissa shrubs near walkways and outdoor seating, where they can cause injuries with their thick, forked thorns. You should also keep it away from areas where children play because all parts of the plant, except the fully ripe berries, are poisonous. Carissa plants are ideal for seaside planting because they shrug off strong winds and tolerate both salty soil and salt spray. This makes them ideal for seaside conditions. They also perform well in containers on seaside decks and balconies. Upright types are popular as hedge plants, and sprawling types make good ground covers. Plant shrubs for hedges two feet apart, and those used for ground cover 18 inches feet apart.