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Cast Iron Plant Aspidistra Elatior

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Aspidistra Elatior Plant Care :


Aspidistra elatior prefers its soil neither too dry not too moist. For that matter, regular pouring is to be recommended. In places with not too much light, which the plant likes best, green plants usually need a little less water.

In no way one should pour too much since too much water causes the roots to rot and, in the worst case, kills the plant. For this reason, let the two upper thirds of the soil dry out in between pouring. Using the finger test, you can check whether the soil is still moist. The soil is not to dry out completely either, however.

For pouring, use only light water, ideally rain water. If that is not possible, use stale tap water, however, make sure it really is stale. Leftover water in the saucer has to be removed after about half an hour.If the room’s air moisture is rather low, it is also recommended to spray the plant with room-temperature water on occasion. Also, the plant is thankful if you wipe the dust off its leaves with a sponge or a moist towel from time to time. It is also possible to just shower it off in order to make the plant be able to breathe again.


In order to provide Aspidistra with nutrients, one fertilizes it regularly between April and October. Using a liquid fertilizer fortnightly during the whole period has turned out to do very well. Common palm fertilizers in liquid form are well-fitted if applied over the pouring water. If you are using such a fertilizer, make sure you dose it just as recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, it is important not to put the fertilizer on dry soil, otherwise it might cause the roots to burn. Ideally, fertilize just after pouring or damp the soil with clear water before applying the fertilizer. From October on, fertilizing is not necessary any more. Also, one should not fertilize for at least a year after parting or repotting the plant.