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Prosopis cineraria

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  • Prosopis cineraria Plant Care :

  • Sunlight 

The Prosopis cineraria plant requires plenty of indirect sunlight, especially during germination. So place the plant in a shady spot with lots of sunlight or under a bigger or bushy plant, where it gets filtered sunlight.

  • Temperature

The minimum temperature that the Prosopis cineraria plant requires while germination is 9-20°C. Although the plants get hardy as they mature. These plants can not tolerate the sun in hot summers.

  • Pruning

Even though the Prosopis cineraria plant does not require grooming, pruning these plants is a good idea, as it can enhance plant growth. So prune your plants and remove all the dry leaves and flowers as soon as you see any.

  • Watering

The plants do not require a lot of water once mature. It can even survive drought conditions. So rewater once the topsoil dries. However, you need to keep the plant moist at the time of germination. It is vital to make sure that the water reaches every section of the soil.