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Sulcorebutia Rauschii Mini Cactus

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Sulcorebutia Rauschii Mini Cactus plant care:

Light: This plant prefers light or dappled shade.

Compost: An extremely well drained compost is required. The addition of extra drainage material is essential to the well being of the plant.

Water: Be careful with your watering regime. However if the plant is grafted this will give a little more leeway on the amount of water given to the plant.

Flower: The flower is a deep magenta with yellow stamens and stigma that contrast well with the rich, vibrant colour of the petals.

Min. temp: The plant requires a cold winter rest 45°-50°f (7°-10°c) is ample. If the plant does not have this cool period the flowering the following year will be seriously affected.